About Polar Pine KELO

  • Дом из сосны Кело, Kelo.Market, Сухарник
  • Сухостойная сосна Кело, Kelo.Market, Сухарник
  • Сухостойная сосна Кело, Kelo.Market, Сухарник

Kelo or deadwood – A natural building material, which has been gaining popularity in recent years among people who dream of living in an ecologically clean, warm and beautiful house.

Pine (Kelo) growing in a fairly harsh climate of Karelia and Finland and is quite rare and unique natural phenomenon.The age of a dried tree reaches several hundred years, therefore its wood structure becomes dense, like a stone, and resists various kinds of fungi and insects.

The dry pine has a low thermal conductivity and at the same time has a high heat capacity. This allows you to keep warm (or cool in the summer season) and maintain a beautiful microclimate in the house without high energy consumption.

Silvery-gray outer of the upper layer of wood does not darken with time and does not require special treatment. At the place of sawing, the pine has a warm orange-golden, "honey" tint, which brings a special cosiness to the atmosphere of the house, providing a comfortable state for its inhabitants.

The unusual color, texture, size and shape of the logs used in the construction make each house exclusive and unlike any other. Excellent characteristics of dead wood pine kelo allow us to talk about its high competitiveness in comparison with other building materials.

It is worth once again mentioning the merits and advantages of the deadwood:
- environmentally friendly material;
- does not require drying and does not shrink;
- does not need additional finishing, painting and processing with antiseptic and other chemical compounds;
- not prone to spoilage from fungi and insects;
- Resistant to the environment;
- preserves heat, which allows minimizing energy costs;
- creates a comfortable microclimate, including psychological;
- high density of wood provides strength and durability of buildings;
- soft, unobtrusive aroma of pine needles, unusual silvery color in combination with golden-orange create a special atmosphere of cosiness and rest.

Thus, a house built of Kelopine will serve your family more than one generation, beneficially influencing the health and joyful perception of life!