Сосна келоКело
полярная сосна келополярная сосна кело

The group of companies "Kelo Market" has been manufacturing and building a full cycle of villages, estates and individual houses from the dried (deadwood) polar pine («Kelo») for more than 10 years in Russia and abroad.

Having no analogues natural material Lapland pine («Kelo») is:
- environmentally friendly;
- does not need treatment with antiseptics and chemical compounds;
- does not require drying, does not shrink;
- not prone to spoilage from fungi and insects;
- has a high density, ensuring the durability of buildings;
- has a pleasant natural scent for the entire period of operation.

Our woodworking production, located in the Republic of Karelia, produces from Kelo, logs, beams and other types of building and finishing lumber, and also manufactures interior and furniture items.

Kelo’s production and construction, carried out year-round in compliance with contractual obligations and quality control which includes:
- design (architecture, engineering systems, interior, landscape, etc.); - foundation work;
- manufacturing of a wall set;
- installation of the roof (slate, shingles, reeds);
- creation of engineering infrastructure (installation and maintenance);
- Finishing work;
- furniture, decoration;
- landscape works.

We would like to invite you to visit the demonstration house “Kelo Market” and the interior workshop “Provence Market” at the address: Moscow region, Mytishchi district, Zhostovo village.